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The Philosophy We Follow

The philosophy we follow at Innovative Training Miami is to guide you to a Total Body Recomposition “Recomp” through the process of strength training periodization followed by an strategic calorie maintenance diet that would boost your metabolism and help you lose body fat at the same time. You will noticed major changes by dropping inches all around, upper and lower body strength, how your clothes fit and look, better relationship with food, increase in energy throughout the day and mosty importantly how you feel.

Who We Are

We are a husband-and-wife team experienced in the fitness industry. We are both fitness experts and passionate about helping others achieve their goals.

About Francisco Ferre

Mr. Ferre is a Certified Nutrition Consultant & Personal Trainer with over 15 years of experience.

About Wendy Suardiaz

Wendy has helped many women reshape their bodies and boost their confidence with her unique training regime.

Welcome From Our Members

From all of us here at Innovative Training Miami, we welcome you and look forward to having you join us.

Our Team

Francisco Ferre, Personal Trainer

Francisco Ferre has been involved with the health and Fitness industry for the pasta 15+ years. He is a Certified Nutrition Consultant & Certified Personal Trainer. He first started his fitness career at LA FITNESS INC Miami FL in early 2007 and eventually started to get a lot of experience after training hundreds of people. After working in the company for several years it was time to branch out and become independent and worked at other local gyms and eventually opening up his own facility. Nutrition Experience: After training several clients over the years he continue to educate himself through his own research and development until finally coming up with his own method. His latest Body Recomposition Method has helped him and his clientele reach their fitness goals while maintaining quality of life avoiding unnecessary method that will no work in the long run. Mr Ferre has been involved with exercise and sports all of his life, try all diets, been trough all of the trends in the fitness industry and has decided to share his RECOMP approach to others by leading, educating and showing his method to be the most effective way towards a long lasting lifestyle A few things Francisco Ferre brings to the table: Dedication, discipline, daily habits, passion and hard work Health and Fitness Philosophy: Eat more, gain more, go to the gym to build, not to burn calories, eat with less restrictions

Wendy Suardiaz, Personal Trainer

After moving from Italy to the US Wendy and Francisco got together and thats how it all started. After completely reshaping herself in a short year Wendy decided to help others do the same thing. She tried to help her former co-workers get back their confidence by building a strong booty, sexy legs and abs, shortly after helping the entire office get back in shape many others joined her and it was time to full-time Ever since then she has helped many women reshape their bodies and confidence with her Unique Latin Body Style Training.

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We focus on providing fitness through the use of nutrition, drawing on the expertise of Mr. Ferre. Whatever lifestyle choices you may opt for, we have a nutrition plan that would suit your needs. 

If you still want to enjoy the foods you love while having the body you’ve always wanted, then we are the right choice for you. We have a macro-calorie-based diet to help you achieve your fitness goals, so join us today.


“If its meant to be it is up to me”

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