Online Training

Improve your Metabolism

Workout to gain muscle mass and lose body fat with our Body Recomposition method. The higher your metabolism is the easier it becomes for you to lose body fat and keep it off. Eat more nutritious food and lose calories as well. With the personalized workouts and training regimes offered through our app, we can help you become more confident in a body shaped just the way you want it.

Create a Fitness Lifestyle

Build an entire fitness goal-based lifestyle that will keep you in good shape by making your body goals a part of your unique lifestyle. Enjoy our in-person or app-based workouts anywhere and whenever you like. You can even customize everything according to your own fitness needs, goals, and limitations.

Keeping in Touch

A 24/7 messaging service will guarantee quick, well-researched answers to your questions and concerns. All personal workout goals will be addressed and can be used to change the workouts at a lesser cost. We get notifications when you complete the workout and even when you don’t, so we can help you adjust the regime to better meet your fitness goals.

Services at Your Behest

Serving You With Passion

Francisco and Wendy have put together their passion and drive for fitness at Innovative Training Miami, where they hope to help sculpt better bodies for their clients. His vast knowledge of fitness training will get your body primed to build lean muscle mass with their their vigorous but efficient training programs while helping you burn calories during your workout and at rest. We want our customers to be satisfied and happy with the fitness regimes, which is why we work hard to help them achieve the desired body goal.

Train With the Best

The Innovative Training Miami in-person hybrid online boot camp training will cater to all our clients’ needs and make sure that all their fitness goals are met. We are very professional, dedicated, informative, inspirational, and detail-oriented. Our in-person staff works hard to help you sculpt the body you need by creating a food plan where you can eat as much as you want without putting on extra weight. Work with our training staff to achieve the goals and lifestyle you want and we will try to make the best possible exercises for your body that are likewise fit with your current lifestyle.

App-Based Workouts

At Innovative Training Miami, we currently offer more in-person services that cater to your workout needs, but we also have a fitness app you can use as a personal trainer in your pocket whenever you need it. Take it to the gym or park, or use it at home any time to start your vigorous workout sessions with our team. You can reschedule a workout if you miss it and get notifications about the number of times you have worked out. The app also lets you change the layout and exercises after consulting with our staff to suit your new goals and needs. This ensures that you are always in charge of your workouts.

Accountability at Your Doorstep

With our professional and dedicated staff, we make sure you get the best workouts you desire and we strive to keep our clients happy and satisfied. Our built-in accountability system will help you not just keep track of the workouts you missed or completed but also help you shift the workouts with the help of our dedicated staff. We will make sure you get your workouts done and help you achieve your goals with as much help and guidance as possible.


Nutritious Choices for You

For us at Innovative Training Miami, your health is of prime importance so we make sure you eat as much as needed without compromising on your body goals. We do this by creating a macro-based nutrition plan suited to gaining muscle mass but losing body fat. In effect, you will get the right calorie diet prescription for your desired fitness goals.