The GSD Lifestyle Challenge

Be part of our community monthly challenges and get more focus, have more clarity, feel more inspired and create routines that drive results.

If self-discipline feels difficult, you are doing it wrong…

Discover how to identify action steps needed to get you your next level

Discover how to change old habits and create new ones


Discover how to manage progress, alleviate anxiety and improve self control.

Why I encourage you to join our monthly challenges?

Over the years in my fitness career I have asked myself:

My Answer is Always

To get the body of your dreams, remain consistent and accomplish your goals, you need to  focus on habits that drive results and over time build the discipline you need to manifest the outcomes you want.

Does this sound like you?

  • My entire routine has thrown off due to the pandemic and I struggle to find discipline again
  • I find it hard to even get out of bed
  • I lack the accountability to be able to achieve my goals
  • I have no idea where to start again
  • I lack the motivation to stay committed
  • I have struggled all my life to accomplish my goals and find it difficult to stay consistent.

If any of this statement above apply to you. DON’T WORRY!!

I have put together The GSD Lifestyle challenge” so can finally dominate your life.

The truth is most people set goals that never to get accomplished

And instead what most people do?

Watch tv, binging on netflix

Over eating and drinking

Spending countless hours on social media

Failing to plan their days

Focus on self negative talk

So here is how it works:

• Over the next 21 days we will be working together towards helping you become more aware of your daily thoughts and habits

• You will begin to shift those negative habits into more sustainable, mindful, and powerful daily practices

• You will get free access to my private FB community group

Access to my Personal Fitness App

The GSD Routine ( how I create my personal discipline)

My GSD tracking sheet



I should not be saying this but the real truth is, there is nothing easy about building new habits, and building discipline, you are gonna have to give up certain things, commit to new behaviors and acquire new habits to get you towards your goals. If you are not willing to COMMIT to better yourself this, program is not for you. If you feel like this is too much for you to handle then you won’t make your dreams a reality. But if you feel like you had enough and you have decided to step up your game then take on this challenge RIGHT NOW.