Towards a Fitter Lifestyle

Our fitness service is unique in the sense that it pays attention to each individual’s needs to deliver the best results possible. We do not prescribe just one activity or fitness method but an entire lifestyle goal where passion and hard work, along with consistent daily habits, build each client’s ideal body. 

Our team at Innovative Training Miami makes sure you eat the right amount of food to built your metabolism, gain muscle mass, so you are always burning more calories at rest while you still improving your overall body health.

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Community Challenge

Francisco Ferre and Wendy Suardiaz created Innovative Training Miami after years of hard work and patience so that they could help people achieve the maximum fitness level they desire. Francisco has been with the health industry for the last 15 years, working as a nutrition consultant and personal trainer. He decided to set up his practice to utilize his years of service and knowledge to better people’s fitness using his methods, which help clients lose body fat while gaining muscle mass, creating a more toned body overall.

Prioritizing Your Fitness

Let’s Get Fit

Innovative Training Miami is a fitness-oriented service focused on monitoring and controlling each client’s muscle gain and weight loss. Our body training methods will help you achieve and maintain a healthier physique without compromising on lifestyle or food habits. Our macro-calorie-based diet helps you stay fit and healthy.

As Fit As You Get

Our workouts at Innovative Training Miami are designed for people who still want to make fitness a priority even in these hectic times. With our private app, you are guaranteed workout sessions at your own pace, whether at home or in a gym. Wherever you may be, it feels like you have a trainer in your pocket to help you with your workouts.

Team That Works Out Together

The Innovative Training Miami team is passionate and dedicated to help you achieve the best fitness results with the help of our app. We get notified when you work out and when you don’t, and you can even message our staff members on the app if you have questions regarding your fitness program.

Working Out As a Priority

We at Innovative Training Miami make sure you get to build your metabolism first, to help you gain muscle while shedding extra fat, so you can have more energy and feel great. Our fitness training method and vigorous workouts can make you fall in love with getting fitter. The fitness app also helps you review your workouts and progress, allowing you to mix things up according to your preferences. 

Book our fitness services today to create a healthier body for yourself with a unique personalized workout regime. 

Get Good Value for Your Money

The Innovative Training Miami fitness app will build you the perfect workout program and fitness regimes at a fraction of the cost. You can expect changes and modification every two weeks based on the progress you have made and we guarantee you a 24/7 on-call messaging system where you can reach out to us for any more information.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Services

At Innovative Training Miami, we believe in nutrition and fitness of the highest possible quality and we are dedicated to providing you with those services through our app and online. If there are still some doubts in your mind, we hope to answer them on our app or in person.

Through our fitness app, we offer personalized in person-triaining, online personal training, hybrid program, boot camp classes and nutrition guidance to help our clients achieve a sustainable lifestyle that will keep them healthy and looking good. Each plan is tailor-made to the specific needs and preferences of each client since we believe that fitness is a journey that everyone can enjoy taking.

At Innovative Training Miami, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. We listen to your goals and put a premium on your needs and preferences as we strive to give you the physique you’ve always dreamed of. Our team members are available to chat through the app to assist you with whatever you need.

Our goal is to help more people become more confident in their own bodies by helping clients reach their fitness goals, providing nutrition and workout support every step of the way while ensuring they still enjoy the process and creating a much bigger community.